Kyle The Shef, best
Multi-Universal bot out there!

Are you in need for discord bot that offers everything you need without paywalls? Here we are!

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Message Counting

You can set up your role awards and message counting at no cost!

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Simple moderation that helps protect you!

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Stats Tracker

Do you want to keep track of a lot of different stats, including roles, members, and channels?

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Advanced Music

We cater to all your requirements, offering 20+ filters, Soundcloud, YouTube, and Spotify support!

Bumping Icon

Would you like to rapidly let all 500 servers know about your server?

Economy Icon

The economy that meets all needs.

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Fun & Utility

We offer a wide range of commands, from entertaining to useful, including creating timestamps.

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Artificial Intelligence

Would you like to make websites, photos, and much more at no cost? Give Kyle a go!

Bot Statistics

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More than 480+ servers!

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More than 210,000 users across servers!

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Already 83 commands ready to use!